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DTP Guest Blog — Healthy Start Brooklyn

DTP Guest Blog - Healthy Start Brooklyn

Healthy Start Brook­lyn (HSB) recently added Danc­ing Thru Preg­nancy to its ser­vices. Our DTP classes, as with our child­birth edu­ca­tion and doula pro­grams, offer our clients free ser­vices that are avail­able to more afflu­ent women to help off­set some these inequal­i­ties that can have a neg­a­tive impact on birth out­comes. We enjoy see­ing our clients com­ing back to class every week. Some of them have very lit­tle sup­port sys­tems in their lives, and it is extremely reward­ing to see them par­tic­i­pate in class each week and stay after class to talk to each other and share stories.

DTP Offspring: Belly-N-Kicks™

DTP Offspring: Belly-N-Kicks™

Erika Boom’s Belly-n-Kicks ™ is an indi­vid­u­al­ized exer­cise train­ing pro­gram for preg­nant and post­par­tum women. It incor­po­rates ele­ments of strength train­ing, iso­met­rics, core work, and stretching.

CleanBirth.org — Saving Lives — $5 Valentine for Safe Motherhood

CleanBirth.org - Saving Lives - $5 Valentine for Safe Motherhood

CleanBirth.org works to make birth safer in south­ern Laos, which has the high­est rates of infant and mater­nal mor­tal­ity in the region. They are improv­ing out­comes through sim­ple ini­tia­tives that pro­vide life-saving birthing sup­plies and infor­ma­tion to local vil­lage nurses and volunteers.